Ladies, ever wonder how you might react to a sudden attack?       

First and foremost we can protect ourselves with knowledge!  Take advantage of this upcoming opportunity to learn real-life awareness skills and practice escapes from common grabs with easy-to-remember techniques.

  Join us to increase your confidence and self-awareness, learn to protect yourself and your loved ones and BECOME EMPOWERED!
Attendance is limited! Please contact us today if you are interested!

Women's  Self-Defense Seminar

October 18th, Friday  6:15 - 7:30 pm

      $ 30    ( U.S.B.B members $10 )

Location:  U.S. Black Belt

       4652 Commercial Dr  New Hartford, NY  13413

Topic: Escape from hold

Most assaults start with a vicious grab or choke..  You need to escape instantly and defeat the attacker completely.


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