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Private Lessons

Adult Taekwondo Private Lessons

If you prefer to have personal, one-on-one training by a Master then this would be the class for you. One private lesson is the equivalent of 3 regular classes. Our master will customize a program of Tae Kwon Do training based on your specific needs. We have a flexible schedule to fit in with your busy schedule. Our master will evaluate and help you to achieve your goals. 
With our Adult Private Lessons you can:

  • lose weight

  • gain strength, flexibility and endurance

  • grow in confidence

  • learn self-defense techniques

  • achieve greater peace and harmony


Come and find out  how Tae Kwon Do can make a difference in your life!

Children Taekwondo Private Lessons

Private lessons can really benefit children who require extra help in focusing. After some private lesson training, children are often ready to go to the regular children's program. Super Tae Kwon Do helps children to:

  • become more calm and focused

  • grow in confidence while overcoming shyness

  • gain better listening skills

  • improve physical and mental health


We will customize a program for your child to give them the one-on-one training they need.

Call or sign up today for an Introductory Private Lesson!

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