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Taekwondo Program

      Little Tigers  &  Children

These classes are structured to motivate and teach your children what it takes  to succeed in life through hard work and dedication. Each class builds upon the basics of physical and mental progression. As your child works up to new levels, he/she will also be achieving both physical and mental strength to handle everyday life skills.

  • Improved concentration and focus, which contributes to better learning and achievement in school.

  • Discipline and self control that results in a sense of responsibility and better   overall behavior. 

  • Confidence…(I CAN DO IT!)…to be an individual and cope with peer pressure.

  • Self-esteem to develop dignity and a good opinion of one's own worth.

  • Learning to set and attain goals. 

  • Physical skills that aid growth and performance as well as advance coordination, flexibility, strength and general fitness and well-being.

  • Learning martial arts techniques useful in self-defense.

  • Developing a greater sense of community and becoming a role model.

  • Moral Values on which to base strong mental training for entire social development.

  • Meeting new friends and challenges in a dynamic environment.

  • Most importantly…FUN!…

Teen & Adults (Age 13 & up)

Through core elements of martial arts, all aspects of training and curriculum  are taught through group as well as well as individual instruction.

  • Physical conditioning that improves agility, strength and endurance.

  • Self-defense skills for greater peace of mind. 

  • A healthy outlet for stress relief.

  • Continued accomplishments and realization of aspirations. 

  • Integrity, harmony and peace in daily life within self and with others.

  • Friendships grown within an extraordinary family of fellow martial arts  students.

     Family Class

Today's hectic schedules and busy lives make it difficult for families to spend much quality time together. However, US Black Belt provides an opportunity for parents, children and siblings to share an activity that that is as rewarding and beneficial as it is fun. Family classes allow the entire family to learn side-by-side; exercising mind, body and spirit !

  • Bonding while working toward a common goal.

  • Time spent together on a mutual activity.

  • Special events the entire family can enjoy together.

  • Greater respect between family members.

  • Meeting of other families, who also uphold an appreciation of and  a commitment       to a healthy, fit lifestyle.

    Private Lesson

US BLACK BELT offers a more student specific approach to Taekwondo.
Under the direction of master Shin, the private lesson student is exposed to the philosophies and culture of the art of Taekwondo through a smaller ratio, more curriculum-Intensive program. This class structure offers you:

  • Student Specific lesson plans.

  • More precise refinement of the Taekwondo techniques.

  • Curriculum-specific lesson for trouble areas.

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